How to solve the dell printer problem +1-855-381-0111?

How to solve the dell printer problem +1-855-381-0111?

The first thing comes in your mind once your dell printer stops working is to troubleshoot by yourself. Although a Dell printer is considered for its excellence and reliability, it might fail on the last moment. Let’s face it and don’t panic. there’s no need to run away when you are going to fix them by yourself. Check this free dell printer support guide and get your dell printer back to working as usual by reading How to solve the dell printer problem.


If you see a black line running down the middle of your document once printing from your dell all-in-one printer, follow this method to try. Open and leave the upper cover. Run a copy now and check carefully whether or not the scanner light looks equally bright or not. If it is not lightning then replace it otherwise check picture assembly.

If it’s not OK, it wants a replacement. The picture assembly is responsible for receiving pictures.
If your dell all-in-one printer now not prints in black & white despite you wish it to, do this methodology. Right click on the dell printer software package on your PC and choose Properties. Click the Advanced tab so click a lot of choices. underneath the heading Complete-A-Print, unchecked the box beside Use color cartridge for all black printing. Go to examine the box Use black cartridge to print in black and white.

Click the OK button. Save the changes and exit the Properties window. Restart your PC and dell printer and enjoy printing in black and white.
If you get this error message ‘Load Paper’ once printing from a dell optical device 3100\3000 CN printer, use this methodology.

Printer is not Printing Properly

Verify that the paper type matches with what’s the type Set within the operator panel of the printer. To verify it, hit the Menu button on the printer. Keep doing this till you see the tray Settings property. Hit the Enter () button to enter the tray Settings menu.

Keep doing this till you see Paper sort and hit Enter after to enter its menu. Keep moving down till you see the actual paper tray like receptacle twelve\2 or useful Feeder (MPF). Hit the Enter button to enter the menu of a paper tray. you may see a Paper sort Chart. Use the UP or Down arrow button to pick out an accurate paper sort. Once did this, hit the Enter key. currently hit the Menu button once more to come back to the menu. The printer should print fine currently. just in case you wish facilitate checking the print menu choices, read dell printer support manual. It should have guide for initial dell printer setup kit.

Paper Jam Issue

Paper jams are the most common dell printer problem. the matter will vary with completely different dell printer models and make. Once you encounter a paper jam issue, look from wherever the paper comes out. Open the printer cover and pull out the sinning paper piece in your direction. take care once pulling out the paper. check that that you simply don’t tear it. shut the printer cover. Check the paper tray now. check that that the paper stack is lined properly within the paper tray. If not, line up the papers properly.
Also check the roller. If it’s become loose, tighten it. this could fix any paper jam issue.

 Additional Tips:
In case a dell printer problem is not resolved, contact a dell printer support phone number +1-855-381-0111 or dell printer technical customer service.

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